Board Member Descriptions


 The President shall preside at the meetings of the Club and of the Board of Trustees.  The President shall be the Administrative Officer of the Club.  The President shall be ex officio member of all standing committees and special committees. The President is also responsible for Membership and the Financials.


Vice President:

The Vice President, in the absence or disability of the President,  shall act in his/her stead.  The Vice President shall, under the direction of the President, attend to the business and financial operations of the Club and to the operation and maintenance of the physical plant and properties of the Club.  The Vice President may also serve as a standing committee chairperson.  The Vice President shall be bonded.



 The Secretary shall notify Board Members of the meetings of the Board of Trustees, keep the minutes, and attend to the correspondence pertaining to his/her office.  The Secretary shall perform such other duties pertaining to his/her office as may be requested by the Board of Trustees.  The Secretary shall also serve notice to the general membership of all Special Meetings as specified in Article VIII, Section 3 below.  The Secretary shall also serve oral or written notification of additional monthly meetings to Board Members as specified in article III, Section 6 above. 

 The Treasurer shall be responsible for assisting the President with the financial matters of the Swim Club, and using their knowledge to assist in the pool's financial well being. The Treasurer shall perform such other duties pertaining to his/her office as may be requested by the Board of Trustees.

Pool & Grounds:
The Pool and Grounds Committee shall exercise supervision over the pool and grounds: shall attend to the improvement and maintenance of the pool, buildings, operating equipment and grounds.

Swim & Dive Team:

The Swim and Dive Team Committee shall be chaired by the Private Pool Swim League (P.P.S.L.)  Representative from the organization.  The committee shall promote active participation of the youth in the organization regarding competitive swimming and diving. The Committee shall promote sportsmanship at all times.  The committee shall enforce all pool rules and regulations regarding the conduct of swimmers, divers and spectators during home and away meets.  The committee shall interview candidates for vacant coaching positions and hire suitable candidates to vacant positions.


The Membership Committee shall maintain accurate and current records of all Waiting Lists, current membership, and Bond Sequence.  The Committee shall also serve the needs of prospective members as well as address problems relating to members not in good standing. The Membership Committee shall also administer all special membership programs as defined by the Board of Trustees.


The Social committee shall be responsible for organizing parties, such as pre-teen parties, ladies’ day, adult parties etc. Social committee shall prepare the program of special events and entertainments and exercise supervision over same. 


The Recreation Committee shall be responsible for the organization and implementation of all recreational activities conducted upon pool grounds.  The committee shall also be responsible for the operations, rules and regulations of such activities. 


Social Media/Marketing

The Soical Media Committee will publish updates from the Esplash to various forms of social media such as OHSC Facebook Page.


The Concession chair shall administer the operations of the vending machines and contact our supplier when needed.  The chair will be responsible to call and schedule local vendors, such as food trucks or Kona Ice on a periodic basis.