Mark your calendar 

Lets Open the  Orchard.  

May 4th  Spring Clean up day -- 9AM - 2PM       Come all volunteers and members .

May 5th  Spring Clean up day -- 12noon  - 4PM         Come all volunteers and members.  

May 24th  Yacht Rock Preview Night - 6:30  Adults members only  -  No Swimming - Flyer

May 25th -- Pool opens 11:00 AM

Greetings from the OHSC Board!

I am your new Board President of Orchard HIll Swim Club, Olivia Stricker.  The entire leadership team is new this year and working hard to make improvements to our already awesome swim club.  As we are working through some things for the first time and reestablishing some things, the pace is moving a little slower than in years past.  Please feel that you can reach out to us and ask questions ( or the OHSC Facebook page).  


It seems that the most pressing questions we are hearing are about membership dues and when they can be paid.  Here are the short answers....

-  Dues will stay the same as 2023

-  We hope to have an electronic payment option available by Feb 2024

-  New memberships are available for the 2024 season

Here is the longer answers:

-  To streamline our dues process, we are working to add an electronic check payment option.  We have started this process and are hopeful that it will be ready by February.  We will keep everyone posted on when this goes live.  The option to send dues as a check via mail will remain, but the dues form will not be released until the electronic option is live.  Hold tight!

-  The membership survey indicated that the club could withstand more memberships without feeling overly crowded and that most would prefer longer hours.  It works out that adding new memberships will help us afford expanding staffing needs to cover hours, so please let your friends and neighbors know that Orchard Hill memberships are available on a first come first serve basis.   

-  Once we have the dues flowing, we will be sending out information on recruiting new members, expanded hours, capital improvement projects, new social events, requests for amenity donations, etc.